Result pageΒΆ


Fig. 4 Overview of the results page.

  1. The uploaded file.
  2. The record. Can be changed by clicking on the links above (4)
  3. A comment for identification which can be chosen in the input form.
  4. A link to the genome browser which is further explained in Genome browser.
  5. The generated files for the genome can be downloaded. The folder set-up is explained in Generated project files.
  6. The bug report allows to observe the pipeline logs.
  7. The predicted scaffolds are presented in form of a DataTable; the table can be collapsed with the rad + sing.
  8. The natural compound screening is further explained in Database screening.
  9. The cluster browser is similar to the genome browser but limited to specific cluster; its further explained in Genome browser.
  10. The domains can be observed in a tabular for as shown in Module detection.
  11. The scaffold input allows the modification of the predicted scaffold prior to the natural product screening as shown in Database screening.