Generated project files


The ‘.db’ files are MySQL dumps of the DataFrames generated for the gene cluster. The can be observed with various programs such as SQLlite).

  1. cluster_df.db contains all information about the detected gene clusters.
  2. cluster_scoring_df.db contains all information about the natural product screening.
  3. gbk_df.db contains all information about the detected domains.
  4. meta_df.db contains all meta information such as file name and description.

The folder cluster_gbks contains annotated GBK files for each cluster.

The figures folder contains images of the compounds from the natural product screening. Each figure corresponds to one compound listed in cluster_scoring_df.db.


The genes_genome.gbk is a minimal annotation of the genome (only includes predicted domains). The final_genome.gbk is a complete annotation of the genome (included domains, modules, cluster …).

The genome browser folder allows to run the genome browser locally. This only works when a server is simulated. This can be done with python: Just run:

python -m http.server 8000

in the folder. And then open in any browser.

An additional “old” genome_diagram as PDF is also included.

The hmmer_output folder contains all hmmer results for each domain.


The prodigal_output folder contains all the results of the Prodigal gene prediction.

The specificity folder contains the alignments used for the specificity prediction.